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Tractor / Trailer / Box Truck, Long Haul / Intermediate / Local Radius Trucking

1 Truck Insurance Services specializes in commercial trucking insurance for any type of trucking operation.

New Ventures

Are you thinking of getting your Operating Authority? Have you already applied for your DOT Number? We can help you with the process and provide solutions for your insurance needs.

Hazardous Material Motor Carriers

If your company transports hazardous materials, you need special insurance to protect your interests, the environment, and the public. We can help.

Workers Compensation / Occupational Accident With Contingent Liability

We offer both types of insurance, for if you have full-time employees or independent contractors driving for you.

All Other Motor Carriers Operations

We cover auto haulers, hotshots, towing operations, used car dealers, truck driving schools, brokerage authority coverage, non-trucking use liability & more.

Commercial Insurance Agents • 1 Truck Insurance Services LLC

Welcome to 1 Truck Insurance Services

You need the right insurance coverage to protect you and your truck as you travel across the state and country. At 1 Truck Insurance Services, we can provide you with a policy that covers your trucking operation, whether you're an owner-operator or running a fleet. Here's a look at what we can do for you.

The Types of Trucking Coverage We Offer

We offer different kinds of commercial trucking policies that cover most of the possible contingencies and emergencies you may experience as an owner-operator. Some of the policies we offer include:

  • Trucking Auto Liability
  • Hazmat Truck Insurance
  • Truckers Physical Damage Coverage
  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance
  • Motor Truck General Liability
  • Bobtail Insurance
  • Occupational Accident Insurance
  • Truck Driver Health Insurance
  • Workers Compensation

We can also insure different types of trucks and trailers, including:

  • Flatbed
  • Intermodal (UIIA Endorsed)
  • Tankers
  • Dry Van
  • Dump Trucks
  • Broadened Pollution
  • Hazard Material Haulers

We Understand the Insurance Needs of Commercial Trucking Operations

The commercial trucking industry is under constant pressure from the need to collect and deliver all types of cargo from one place to the next. State and federal trucking regulations add even more stress to daily operations. At 1 Truck Insurance Services LLC, we can help reduce some of that stress by getting you an insurance policy that complies with minimum liability requirements so you can operate safely and legally. You can get your job done with one less thing to worry about.

We deal with all types of trucking operations, including:

  • Local
  • Intermediate
  • Long Haul including LTL and TL Motor Carriers
  • Tow Trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Refergiated
  • Auto Haulers
  • Hotshots
  • Oversized/overweight
  • Driveaway

Contact 1 Truck Insurance Services to Learn More About Trucking Insurance

At 1 Truck Insurance Services LLC, our insurance experts are here to ensure that you get the right kind of coverage that fits the needs of your operation. We understand the unique insurance needs of the trucking industry and the need for adequate insurance coverage. Give us a call to talk to an agent about your commercial trucking insurance needs.

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Servicing States

  • Illinois
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • Connecticut
  • Iowa
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • Texas
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • California
  • Louisiana